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Ballinascreen Historical Society
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Co. Londonderry
N. Ireland
BT45 7AG
1980 ‘The Wee Black Tin’ (Poems by George Barnett and John ‘Paul’ Kelly)

out of print
1981 ‘Ordnance Survey Memoir for Ballinascreen 1836-37’

out of print
1982 ‘The Meetin House’ (Draperstown Presbyterian Church History)

out of print
1983 ‘Statistical Reports of Six Derry Parishes, 1821’
(Ballinascreen, Kilcronaghan, Desertmartin, Boveva, Banagher, Dungiven)

out of print
1984 ‘Songs and Music of Ballinascreen’ (L.P. record & cassette)

sold out
1985 ‘Notes on the Place names of Parishes and Townlands of the county of Londonderry’ by A. M. Munn, 1925
(Limited edition reprint)

out of print
1986 ‘Ordnance Survey Memoirs for the Parishes of
Desertmartin and Kilcronaghan, 1836-1837’

out of print
1986 ‘Images of Ballinascreen’ – V.H.S. video cassette

sold out
1987 ‘Famous Maghera Men’ by Eoin Walsh

out of print
1988 ‘The Heart of Ballinascreen’ – Poems by - Nora Ni Chathain

out of print
1989 ‘Looking Back on Ballinascreen’ – A miscellany -
of writings relating to the district

out of print
1990 ‘The Autobiography of Thomas Witherow, 1824-1890’

£12.95 inc. p&p
1991 ‘In Crockmore’s Shade’ – A selection of poems by John ‘Paul’ Kelly (1884-1944) of Doon, Draperstown

£4.50 inc. p&p
1992 ‘John O’Donovan’s letters from County
Londonderry (1834)’ – letters containing information collected during the progress of the Ordnance Survey

out of print
1993 ‘The Life and Adventures of Hudy McGuigan’ - by Hugh Harkin

£5.50 inc. p&p
1994 ‘Gleanings from Ulster History’ by Seamus O’Ceallaigh (1879-1954)

out of print
1995 ‘Griffith’s Valuation (1859) – Magherafelt Union’

out of print
1996 ‘The Big House – Derrynoyd Lodge, Draperstown’ -
Notes on the Torrens/O’Neill family and their former home, now site of The Rural College

out of print
1996 ‘The McHenry Letters (1834-46)’ – Correspondence from Rev. J. L. McHenry of Culdaff, Co Donegal to his mother at Owenreagh, Draperstown

out of print
1997 ‘A Hospital at Magherafelt’
Part 1 – The Workhouse and Famine times in South Derry

out of print
1998 ‘A Hospital at Magherafelt’ -
Part 2 – The Workhouse – the final fifty years

out of print
1998 ‘A Hospital at Magherafelt’
Part 3 – The Hospital years – from 1941

out of print
1999 ‘Lewis’s Loughinsholin (1837)’ – South Derry extracts from Samuel Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

£5.60 inc. p&p
2000 ‘A Century makes Changes’ – Selected extracts from the South Derry & District Almanac 1902/1909

£5.00 inc. p&p
2001 ‘Shaw Mason’s Maghera (1814) and Killelagh (1819)’

£4.50 inc. p&p
2002 ‘Change and Decay’ – Bygone Buildings of Ballinascreen

out of print
2003 ‘The Churches of Ballinascreen’ - A set of nine postcards

£4.00 inc. p&p
2003 ‘Ballinascreen’ by Mgr. J A Coulter (1919-1983)

£7.50 inc. p&p
2004 ‘Memorial Inscriptions’ – St Columba’s & St Anne’s

out of print
2005 "Those were the days!" by Owen Kelly

  out of print
2006 "A Generation of Montgomerys" by Rt. Rev. Bishop Henry Montgomery (1847-1932)

  £6.75 inc. p&p
2007 "The Schools of Ballinascreen (1823 - 1990)" by Fr. Leo Deery, P.P."

  out of print
2008 "Ballinascreen Gravestone Inscriptions - Straw Old graveyard"

  out of print
2009 "Ballinascreen Gravestone Inscriptions - Moneynena Old Graveyard"

  £5.00 inc p&p
2010 "Ballinascreen Gravestone Inscriptions - Old Church, Moneyconey & St. Patrick's Church, Tullybrick"

  £5.00 inc p&p
2011 "Kilcronaghan Gravestone Inscriptions - Old Church, Mormeal & Presbyterian Church, Tobermore"

  £5.00 inc p&p
2012 "Far From Ballinascreen" by John McHugh

  £11.00 inc p&p
2013 "Screen Spirit" by Frank Kelly

  out of print
2014 "Maps of the Estate of the Drapers' company 1857 - 1858"
Volume 1 - Moneymore: Volume 2 - Brackaghslievegallion: Volume 3 - Draperstown

  £25.00 + p&p
2014 "Desertmartin - Bygone Days"

  out of print
2015 "Townlands of the Parish of Ballinascreen - An introductory study"

  £21.00 inc p&p
2016 "Around Ballinascreen - Nostalgic images from Draperstown and beyond"

  out of print
2017 "Townlands of the Parish of Kilcronaghan - An introductory study"

  £16.00 inc p&p